May 112011

After driving for about three hours, I pulled over at a rest area / point of interest and found myself at the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states of America. Ironically a town called Lebanon. The marker was right next to a grave yard and there was no shade at all, but just off the parking area, a dirt road led to a nice little grove along what seemed like a dry riverbed. I drove down there and parked in the shade to have lunch and a rest. I opened all the windows and the door to get a breeze through. I sat down to make a sandwich and suddenly I was startled by a bird, swallow like, that had entered my home and was hovering right in front of me, like a hummingbird, just looking around and right at me… I panicked, as I thought she would start flying into things not knowing how to get out. But just as quick as she came in, she flew right out the door again.
For the next five minutes, I sat on the steps and watched this rough-winged swallow and her two buddies fly up, down and across in front of me, getting real close and trusting me completely. I know they were there to tell me something and I got the message…

unleashed …

she carries me

on her wings

May 062011


One small box of last minute grabs, some travel books and my computer are waiting on the pool table in our basement. A last minute goodbye to my home of 25 years. I scribble a haiku on a yellow post-it note with pencil, punch a hole and tie a loop of embroidery thread through it. Walking outside to the Japanese maple, Lisa asks me “What’s that?” …. as I knot it around a branch and watch it flutter in the wind, I answer “You may read it, but don’t take it down. It will wither and disappear”

midnight train –

whistling the dream,

that was


A long hug, a tear, some last words, a glance and a hesitant wave… I drive off into a rainy Friday afternoon. Now, with my new home tied to my back, the road into the unknown ahead of me and only memories behind, the sky breaks open… I’m on my way to new horizons!

spring rain …

the grass looks greener

behind me